Ablai Yusupov

Ablai Yusupov - entrepreneur, marketer, founder of the Upgrade School of Entrepreneurship and the Upgradeplus.online educational platform

Motivation, motivation and more motivation - this is what people most often like. How to motivate people? Based on personal experience?

Motivation is primarily a personal example. Personal stories touch people's hearts the most. Only motivation must be used very carefully, as there is such a thing as “drug motivation”. These are people who are always looking for motivation from videos, movies, books, Instagram profiles. As a result, the person gets the impression that he is doing something. In fact, he is motivated, but does nothing. Therefore, this is a very dangerous feeling when a person is constantly motivated, as addiction appears, like a drug, it’s hard without it. But in certain doses and quantities, motivation is good. But I recommend working more on discipline.

When exactly did you decide to get into marketing?

I entered marketing in 2011 and, in principle, have been doing it for almost 10 years since then. I chose the specialty by chance, that is, it was not some kind of balanced decision. I talked with a marketer, a friend of my mother, and realized that I like this profession. This is an untouched niche of professions, and there was not much information on it at that time. In general, this is a young science, that is, it is not psychology, not finance, where the topic has been developing for hundreds of years. Marketing is something new.

The educational project Upgradeplus.online is a practical course on the study of marketing, SMM and entrepreneurship. Thanks to our five years of experience, we have compiled an effective program for students, entrepreneurs, marketers, and employees.

“Upgradeplus.online is a very unique project, a kind of educational Netflix. We want to make education very accessible, so that they buy not just one course, but a full subscription and get access to everything,” says Ablai.

Many people can try on the role of a teacher, but not everyone succeeds. To share and be able to convey one's knowledge is an innate talent that reveals itself with love for one's work.

“I started doing courses when I was a student. It was my third year and I needed to teach the first year students - I did some presentations to package my knowledge for them. Over time, I began to work on the language center and the Queex vine project, a new school. I realized that I was good at delivering knowledge, and we started doing courses like the Upgrade School. 80% of my experience is my courses, 20% is information from various sources, but mostly these are some of my personal examples, experience, ”Yusupov shares.

The personality of a person is the main key to success, therefore, it is possible and necessary to constantly develop. Ablai Yusupov teaches at universities, telling that the most valuable thing is knowledge and self-discipline. Also often runs Upgrade yourself marathons.

“You always need to develop - to download soft skills in yourself. What are soft skills? These are the skills that lead a person to greater success - communication, goal setting, time management, energy, self-discipline and self-motivation. Why? Because competition is growing and more people are born every day than jobs. We compete not just within Kazakhstan, but globally,” the entrepreneur believes.
What principles of life should young people acquire?

The principle is probably to try more. In our country, the price of a mistake is very high - people are afraid to make it. Therefore, students do little at the exit from the university, because of the fear of failure, they do little, they are afraid of making mistakes, they are afraid of condemnation. The necessary skill is to act, to make mistakes.

How to find yourself? Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, how to force yourself to do?

In fact, I think that motivation will come by itself. When a person has nothing to eat, when he does nothing because of his laziness and apathy, he will understand that this is no longer possible, and he will start moving, start working. But again, it probably depends on what a person’s ambitions are and whether he wants to work, that is, not to look for an easy way or some kind of passive income, but to actually work. If you are ready, then you need to gradually work on yourself, that is, step by step - the Kaizen format: starts going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, reading more books, learning a new language, instead of a burger and sushi, buy yourself a course or a book.

What values ​​guide you?

Enjoy life and at the same time develop, be in harmony with yourself, be in the moment, set goals and achieve them, but the main thing is to be in the moment. That is, I do not strive to be the richest, most successful, but I want to feel life, enjoy it and understand that I am doing something valuable for myself and people.
What is your philosophy?

My philosophy is in balance bowls. I strive to be good everywhere - I want to be successful in money, I want to be happy in my family, I want to travel, I want to be spiritually developed, I want to engage in self-development and at the same time walk, communicate. Of course, it is impossible to achieve a perfect balance, because human nature is not such that it is possible to achieve balance and freeze. We will always be short of everything, we will always make mistakes somewhere, but we must strive for this. Not in everything and not always, but when it is required. For example, during the coronavirus, I didn’t want to play sports at all for a month. I just ate a lot every day and fell asleep late. I didn't want balance at the time, but then I straightened it out. The main thing is to live according to your feelings.

Marketing in today's world is...

Audience, attention, attracting and retaining customers, design, social networks, copywriting, this is a chain of touches - hundreds of tools that you need to understand and apply the main ones for your project.
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